From The Day Of Your Conception

by Beta Orionis

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"From The Day Of Your Conception" is a second Ep of the One Man Band Project Called Beta/Orionis. It's based on letters never writted, and never readed. The silence speaking some thruths or lies. 7 songs that have unquiet despair and hidden feelings. A truly questionable album.


released July 24, 2017

Artwork, Guitars, Production, Lyrics And Vocals by Rigel GS.
Production, Mixing And Masterization by Freddy M. From New Directions Records.



all rights reserved


Beta Orionis Mérida, Mexico

One Man Band.

All Instruments & Production By Rigel GS.

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Track Name: To My Enemies
Crosses drawed by the hand of evangelicals.
Imaginary visions of violence and evil.
Silent strange, insane nightmares.
Telepathic words and images of destruction.
At the limbo of realistic common sense.
In a world with sickly reality ignored.
In a world that hide his evident aches.
Under the gold, the power, and the human condition.
Among racism, clasism, and elitism.
Worn and surrendered by political surfeit, and the total control of nations.

You don't know me.
I don't know you.
But I forgive you.

God bless us.
Track Name: To My Friends
Long time at the downfall. Alone and out of orbit. Distant and far away of my body, far away of all those who I love.

Unable to be loved, capeable to love.

Addicted to the legal serenity, needing somebody but with no one there. Drunked with sadness, at the bottom of the streets. Sleeping on the stool of citadel.

Several emotional damage.
Injured ligaments of sanity.
Disturbed calm for the demons around.

Madness unfold in the darkness.

Madness unfold.
Track Name: To My Loves
Ugly and sloven. Unpleasant lunatic fool. A shy poor kid from the slums. A insomniatic dreamer that occult himself behind the mask of his defeats. Admiring the love occur on other lives but not in the own. Covering the heart with flesh and bone to cannot be wounded.

Unable to be loved, capeable to love.

Talking with all yer absences. Devising the way to find you once more.

At the solitude revisiting brieflyment our memories.
Erasing few to few until I have neither memorie about us. To I can forget you, to I can love someone else again. Because the correct is it.

I know that I'm not competent.
I know all what you hush.
Birds tell me about you; when you are happy or sad, when you cry or smile.
Track Name: Alone With Everybody (Poem For C. B. Musicalizated By Евгений Мори Cover)
"The flesh covers the bone
And they put a mind
In there and
Sometimes a soul,
And the women break
Vases against the walls
And the men drink too
And nobody finds the
But keep
Crawling in and out
Of beds.
Flesh covers
The bone and the
Flesh searches
For more than

There's no chance
At all:
We are all trapped
By a singular

Nobody ever finds
The one.

The city dumps fill
The junkyards fill
The madhouses fill
The hospitals fill
The graveyards fill

Nothing else

Alone With Everybody"